While upholding the teachings of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji of working for Humanity and rendering selfless service to society, Nirankaris once again came out in good numbers to devotedly serve their commitment to clean the 46 railway stations across the country on July 9, 2016 under the ‘Swachh Rail – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.’

To recap, the Sant Nirankari Mission was called upon by the Railway Ministry to take part in this campaign and with the blessings of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation undertook cleaning of 46 railway stations which commenced from 2nd October 2015 and since then Nirankari devotees have never looked back.

It was only when their beloved Nirankari Baba passed away on May 13, 2016, they abstained from it for obvious reasons. But immediately in the next month of June, Satguru Mata Savinder Ji blessed the devotees to continue with the service.

In Mumbai, the same three stations Mumbai Central, Dadar and CST, about 1500-2000 members of the Sant Nirankari Sewadal and the SNCF reached the venue and started the operation around 7.00 am by saying their prayers and seeking blessings from the Formless God –Nirankar and culminated by 1.00 pm.

The Railway officials Shri S.S. Chaturvedi, Station Manager visited the campaign at CST, Shri Prakash Parmar, ACM, Shri Raj Kumar, Commercial Inspector and Shri Mukesh Singh, Station Manager visited at Mumbai Central and Shri Parvez Khan, ACM visited at Dadar Station. From Sant Nirankari Mandal and SNCF Mr. S.S. Tiwari, Baburam Gupta, S.S. Patil, Manohar Sawant, Shashikant Parab, Shri Komal Mohite, Mr. Arun Patil and Mr. Mukund Deve were present on different stations for necessary guide to the volunteers.


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