SNCF Exhibition and Chiropractic Services in Mumbai


The Volunteers of SNCF Mumbai were truly blessed to have the gracious presence of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji in the exhibition on 25/01/2018. Her Holiness inaugurated the exhibition with the cutting of the ribbon and took an entire tour examining the exhibits. SNCF volunteer Kiran Vinerkar ji thoroughly explained the theme of the exhibition and also received appreciation from Her Holiness. A flower bouquet was handed on behalf of all the SNCF volunteers. Her Holiness Satguru Mataji also visited the SNCF office and shared her blessing by giving a message for all the volunteers. She also examined and blessed the SNCF Canopy and Umbrella.

Her Holiness Satguru Mataji also visited and blessed the Chiropractic Camp.

Message from Mataji:

    “Nirankar bless all with selfless sewa”

  • SNCF Exhibition 2018, highlighted all the activities undertaken throughout the year across the globe with special reference to Maharashtra activities.
  • It emphasized on Health Camps, Nirankari Blood Bank (Vile Parle, Mumbai) , Blood Donation Camps, Vocational Centers Sewing machine centers, Health City, Tree Plantation Drive (National Park, Mumbai), Cleanliness Drive in hospitals, Participation in Swach Railway Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Eye Donation Camps.
  • The exhibition successfully conveyed the socio-spiritual moto of SNCF towards welfare of society at large and received overwhelming appreciation for the same.
  • A total of 11252 visitors perused the exhibition.

Chiropractic Clinic

  • The Chiropractic clinic was operative from 27th Jan to 30th Jan 1pm
  • A total of 67 Doctors came from abroad to treat the patients.
  • It received positive response from patients.
  • Apart from Chiropractic, patients were also guided for physiotherapy and homeopathy medicines.
  • This year we also had a Bone Densitometry Machine (BMD) for Female patients above 50 yrs of age for detection of osteoporosis.
  • Also we had a Chiropractic doctor specialized in Dermatology.
  • The doctors were totally enthusiastic and served with full dedication.
  • Water & snacks were served to patients who were standing in line.
  • A total of 8512 patients were treated in this clinic.

SNCF Mobile Team:

  • The Mobile team reached out to all the residential tents.
  • They gathered all the residents and gave them a presentation on SNCF.
  • A van containing food & water was arranged to move with the team
  • This year we were blessed to have mike and speakers and could reach out to more saints.
  • The mobile team also voluntarily accomplished in the following :
    • Transfer of patients in van from tents to Chiro Clinic / Dispensary
    • Cleanliness Drive in the tents
    • Spreading awareness of cleanliness among residents.

     SNCF Account

  • 9 SNCF Account counters were put up across the ground with a total of 45 volunteer rendering sewa full time
  • Along these counters, SNCF volunteers also briefed visitors about SNCF activities, Income Tax benefit, etc.
  • On Each counter we had 3 volunteer 1 for information 1 for receipt and 1 for counting.


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