Updates: Kerala Flood Relief

Kerala Flood Relief & Rehabilitation Drive

25th August to 9th September 2018


  • Activities were accomplished by SNCF in 6 districts (Ernakulam, Allappy, Trichur, Calicut, Trivendram, Kozikhode) in which the main flood affected area as allocated by the Government to SNCF was KUNNUKARA Gram Panchayat in Ernakulam District.

  • A total of 930 volunteers of S.N.C.F. / Sewadal took part in this Rehabilitation Drive

Kerala – God’s Own Country

  1. Activities Performed by SNCF :

    1. Food & Necessity Products Packets Distribution: 3250 Families

    2. Buckets & Mugs set: 350 Families

    3. Utensils: 650 Families

  2. Technical Activities :

    1. Electrical Works: 690 Homes

    2. Major Masonry Works: 448 Homes

    3. Plumbing Works: 378 Homes

    4. Carpentry Works: 733 Homes

    5. Painting Works: 273 Homes

  3. Cleaning Activities:

    1. Houses Cleaned: 1230

    2. Wells Cleaned: 446

    3. Streets & Roads Cleaned: More than 600

    4. Schools Cleaned: 10 (Including Anganwadi)

    5. Religious Places Cleaned : 10

    6. Gram Panchayat Office Cleaned:1

    7. Dumping Yards Cleaned: 08

We had also deputed around 50-70 volunteers to the godowns of Deputy Commissioner for packing and sorting deliverable packets.

SNCF’s Humble Experience in Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’

Humbled by the feeling of Gratitude

Rehabilitation Drive by SNCF in Kerala

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Relief Materials Packaging for distribution & Rehabilitation Drive in Kerala

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Rehabilitation Drive at full swing by SNCF in Kerala

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Relief materials being distributed in Kochi

[FAGP id=7629]

Relief materials being packed in our Kochi center

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