Second Phase of Water Shed Program in Palghar

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation ( SNCF )   in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG ) of United Nations, Goal No. 6 i.e. sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, undertook the watershed development project in village Talasari, District Palghar, Maharasthra. In this project about 1,00,000 inhabitants of the tribal belt will be benefited by means of water conservation which will be used for drinking and irrigation purpose on one hand and will also help the local farmers economically by increasing their income and prevent migration from the native land.  The project was inaugurated in September, 2018 and started with detail survey conducted by SNCF volunteers on various aspects.

Recently, in its second phase SNCF started construction of dam ( Nala Bunds ) on the river Sonai at Girhe Dahad. The second phase was inaugurated by Rev. Mohini Ahuja ji, Incharge (Maharashtra State ) on dated 1st June, 2019 where thousands of volunteers and the local people from the villages were present. The work is going on full swing where not only SNCF volunteers are giving selfless service but also local people are encouraged to participate in the  SEWA.  Rev. Mohini Ahuja ji said that this is the most important need of the local tribal people which will not only help them to retain water in the coming monsoon but also increase their income opportunities in the near future and will also stop migration of people from their native place. Thousands of people from the near by villages participated in the inauguration event and appreciated the work of SNCF for the benefit of the local community. Press and media from Maharasthra state covered the event to the large extent.

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