It’s a very critical time when the world is facing a pandemic Covid-19 since  several months resulting in rapid increase in the number of affected people in many countries including India. During this time of pandemic SNCF is helping the community to fight against this deadly disease, not only by supporting the front line Carona Fighters but also supporting the effected people including migrant workers. With the economic and moral support, SNCF volunteers are actively  supporting the frontline workers to executive their duties more safely by providing them the safety equipments like Personal Protection Equipments ( PPE Kits ) including masks, gloves, sanitizers and soaps etc. and also providing meals on the designated area identified by the government. As per the guidelines issued by the authorities from time to time, nearly 1 lakh volunteers are serving above self, in such activities on rotation basis, Pan India.

Contributions of SNCF :


  1. Provision of PPE Kits : SNCF has given 10,000 PPE Kits to Government of Delhi NCT, worth Rs. 1.15 Crore for immediate help and support to the doctors and health front – line workers, which has been appreciated by the Chief Minister of Delhi who has acknowledged the support of SNCF on Twitter. Apart from this SNCF has also committed to provide 300 Kits, weekly, to the Government Hospitals in Haryana, as per their request, which has already started.
  2. Provision of Masks, Sanitizers and Gloves : Thousands of Masks, sanitizers and gloves are being distributed by SNCF to various Government Hospitals, local community, police stations, fire brigade stations, CRPF, police persons, essentials service workers, deployed on duties. The drive is an ongoing drive on daily basis.
  3. Blood Donation : In the current scenario and being the summer months, when the demand for blood is on the higher side, and due to this pandemic, the there is more shortage due to the health crisis. volunteers from all over India are donating blood mostly in the states such as Uttrakhand, Maharashtra,, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, on demand from the government hospitals and blood banks, as and when required.
  4. Medical Helpline : SNCF has started a Medical Helpline with empanelled of 36 doctors who are providing 24×7 medical advise to the patients and attending the queries Pan India, on Covid-19.
  5. Offered SNCF schools for quarantine : SNCF school buildings are being used as food distribution centres  in Delhi.  We have also offered all our school premises in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and West Bengal to make quarantine centre.
  6. Provision of raw food to the community : SNCF is providing raw food items ( food kits ) to the needy people through its various branches pan India. Our volunteers are also helping government and other NGOs in distribution of food kits.
  7. Relief to the migrant workers and the daily wagers : During this pandemic, the biggest problem is being faced by the migrant workers in different states who are stuck and are unable to travel to their home towns. SNCF volunteers are distributing ready food items and water on regular basis at various locations.
  8. Awareness on Social Media : SNCF has deputed its social media team to work 24×7 on the awareness of safety measures and the instructions given by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Through, social media, with its massive reach, SNCF is being able to educate and to make the local masses aware about the do’s and don’ts during this crisis. Announcements with PA systems is also being made in the localities.
  9. Voluntarily service : Apart from the above services, SNCF Volunteers, are regularly involved in serving their local communities at their own expense and resources, like stitching of cotton cloth masks and distributing meals   cooked in their own houses and there by providing self less service to humanity from Onset of the pandemic.

We pledge to serve humanity and the nation with all our resources and strength,   during this global crisis.

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