SNCF Shared Smiles For Senior Citizens

SNCF observed “ World Senior Citizen Day “ on 21st August, 2020 through a virtual session with the participation of thousands of volunteers witnessing and sharing their experience and activities done at different places, Pan India. This day is dedicated to the senior citizens as they are pioneers of science, psychology, medicine, civil rights, and others.  The day aims to encourage supporting senior citizens to live their lives to the fullest and as independently as possible.

In the past SNCF has conducted various activities for the senior citizens at various places and has been observing this day by inviting senior citizens on a picnic tour where they share their experiences, play games etc and on the other hand SNCF volunteers also visited many old age centers and took care of all the needs of the seniors living there. Apart from this SNCF also contributed in many ways in the past towards, repair and maintenance of old age homes, providing facilities for old people, organizing medical and health check up camps for them, making provision of eatables and other necessary items for them from time to time.

This year due to Covid-19 pandemic and restriction in the frequent movement of volunteers, yet SNCF with full precautions and care visited many old age homes keeping in view the social distancing and made them available the basic needs and facilities as felt necessary.  In Delhi, SNCF team visited one old age home at Lampur, where along with the volunteers, Rev. Bindiya Chhabra Ji, Executive President, SNCF herself visited, guided and showered her blessings and closely monitored that all necessary requirement are to be fulfilled for the elderly people living there. In the virtual session, experts from various other organizations participated such as Sh. Prakash Borgaonkar, Help Age India, Head of Maharashtra State shared his experience and tips valuable for the benefit of old age people. Ms. Kiran Chopra, President, VNKS ( Varisht Nagrik Kesri Club ) also shared her ideas and requested SNCF to participate in future projects.

SNCF conducted various activities at various locations Pan India for elderly people for the whole month and the activities were exhibited on last day of the drive i.e. 21st August, 2020.  The effort of SNCF was highly appreciated in all spheres.