Caring For Environment

In Harmony with Nature, We Live

Despite being intricately connected to nature, we often neglect its importance. Recognising this critical issue, the Sant Nirankari Mission has launched several grassroots programs to conserve and restore the environment. These initiatives include

  •  Tree plantation drives
  •  Cleanliness campaigns, working to combat environmental degradation.

Tree Plantation Drives

The Sant Nirankari Mission's dedicated volunteers, known as sewadars, have planted over 15 lakh trees across India. But their dedication goes beyond planting. They ensure proper care for these saplings, resulting in an impressive more than 80% survival rate. This commitment not only increases forest cover but also promotes biodiversity by focusing on planting a variety of native species.


Total Trees Planted


Total Drives

Cleanliness Campaigns

From Railways to Rivers: Sant Nirankari Mission's Cleanliness Drives encompass year-long deep cleaning projects at railway stations, recognized by the Indian government, alongside regular cleaning efforts in hospitals, streets, water bodies, and along riverbanks.


Railway Stations Cleaned




Water Bodies


Man-hours contributed