Social Media – Some Guidelines

          The Sant Nirankari Mission has already provided certain guidelines on its main Website Whenever we upload anything on this main website, we also share information simultaneously on the Social Media – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and Google+, through our own official accounts thereon, so that any person interested in the said report can visit our main Website and receive it. The Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation has also similar links with Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. After visiting the main site of the Mandal or Foundation, the user is welcome to share it with his or her friends in the group and feel blessed. For this, the Studio at Headquarters and the Computer and Internet Department have their own arrangements to receive information from across the world as fast as possible and share the same with Website users.

Beyond this, the Sant Nirankari Mandal would not like to directly enter the Social Media and become a party to all kinds of discussions and debates going on. We would, however, not restrain our youth to have their individual accounts. In fact, we encourage them to correct the users of the Social Media wherever the latter happen to be misinformed, misguided or prejudiced about this otherwise so neat, clean and noble-intended Mission of love, peace, unity and brotherhood.

It is, however, not a very pleasant experience when we notice some of our own youth acting or entering a race for being first like any other Social Media user in the world. Obviously, they tend to forget that as regards the Sant Nirankari Mission, they are like any other preacher or Gursikh, whose task is: (i) to attract as many new people as possible; (ii) to strengthen the faith of those who have already joined; (iii) to safeguard or protect devotees from blind faith or superstitions; and (iv) to remove the doubts whatsoever from the minds of the people. And while doing so, they must remember that the Mission would like to take its ideology forward without coming into conflict with anybody’s religion, caste, community, language, region, occupation or culture at individual or social level.

The Sant Nirankari Mandal would, therefore, like once again to impress upon all the esteemed users of Social Media who belong to this great Mission to follow the guidelines given below and feel blessed. The guidelines are applicable to:

  • All blogs, wikis, forums and social networks hosted or sponsored by Sant Nirankari Mission.
  • Your personal blogs that contain postings about Sant Nirankari Mission.
  • Your postings about Sant Nirankari Mission on external social networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Tumbler, YouTube, Google+, etc.)
  • Your participation in any video related to Sant Nirankari Mission; whether you create a video to post or link to on your blog, you contribute content for a video, or you appear in a video created by someone else. The same applies to audio as well.



  • Let us make Social Media a vehicle to take the Mission forward and serve to achieve any of its goals mentioned above. Mere sharing of information fast by just copy / paste or otherwise, should not be our aim.
  • Do not share pictures and videos from Satsang and Samagams on any social media websites without proper approval.
  • Do not post/share any information regarding any upcoming event unless and until it is officially announced by Sant Nirankari Mandal.
  • All pictures and videos from Satsang and Samagams are intellectual property of Sant Nirankari Mission. No one is allowed to share those on any of the social media websites without proper approval.
  • Personal photographs with Baba Ji or Satguru Mata Ji or photographs of Baba Ji/Mata Ji from various Satsang programmes or other occasions must not be shared on social media sites. Only photographs available from Multimedia -> Portraits section of Sant Nirankari Mission’s website can be shared in public websites.
  • Please be watchful and do not show your support for unofficial, unapproved and unauthorized Facebook pages relating to Sant Nirankari Mission and Satguru.
  • No branch or centre of Sant Nirankari Mission should create any social media page or account without appropriate approval. Sant Nirankari Mission has special guidelines for centres to manage their website and social media presence and those must be followed.
  • No one is allowed to create social media usernames or groups with any combination of names/words suggested below:
  • Sant Nirankari Mission
  • Sant Nirankari Mandal
  • Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation
  • Baba Hardev Singh
  • Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Maharaj
  • Nirankari Baba
  • Rajmata
  • Pujya Mata
  • Nirankari Mata Ji
  • The pattern of the congregation with Manglacharan, Dhuni, Simran and Jaighosh (slogans) has its own sanctity. The presence of Satguru or a saint representing him is also an essential part of our Satsang or congregation. We should, therefore, stop holding congregations over Social Media, as it is going on over WhatsApp, etc.
  • Do not use videos, animations or cartoons, etc. for Simran or any other convention of the Mission such as Charansparsh, Bhog, etc.
  • No doubt, Satguru will always remain in focus for the Mission’s policies and programmes as per the requirements of the time, and none can be as farsighted as Satguru. We should, however, take utmost care while sharing information about Satguru’s activities. Let us concentrate on spiritual message. We should also not give the same credit to a devotee or his or her discourse from the holy dais. Hence, if at all, we may share only Satguru’s discourses and we must refrain from circulating Vichars by other saints.
  • No portrait of Satguru should be used in support of our own views or the views of other devotees.
  • We must avoid sharing over Social Media any activities of Satguru and other members of the holy family concerning their personal life. Their photographs of private or personal nature may not be used even as DP/screen saver/wall paper.
  • Let us understand the Mission thoroughly and defend the same in case there is any critical news/audio/video on any Social Media in any form. Sometimes, however, we will have to use discretion and refrain from reacting at all. In such cases, we should not even forward or circulate the (critical) comments, etc. Remember, we should not see Social Media as News Channel; we should maintain silence in such cases.
  • While we may quote points from our books, we should not share the contents of Audio/Video CDs, etc. distributed from our publication stalls.
  • We must avoid making comments on any religion, prophet or organisation because we are members of the Mission and whatever we say is certainly going to involve the Mission’s name and its ideology.
  • Use of Mandal’s Logo in any manner is not allowed. We are not authorised to do so.
  • There is no limit to Satguru’s grace, benevolence and kindness towards devotees or anyone who seeks divine blessings. We should not, however, project it as a miracle. In fact, we can avoid sharing it at all with others over Social Media.
  • All our Social Welfare activities whether conducted under the auspices of the Mandal or the Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation seek to promote the spiritual message of the Mission directly or indirectly. We should also keep this in mind while sharing information on Social Media.
  • If your account on a Social Media seeks to promote spiritual or religious principles, please avoid sharing jokes or any other contents in lighter vein.
  • Let us not forget that Social Media is not the only forum to serve the Mission or make our contribution to take its message forward. You are all welcome to participate in any other activities suited to your convenience, talent, aptitude and experience.




Kirpa Sagar

Member Incharge Internet