S.N.C.F. started Long Term Project on Watershed Program in Maharashtra


Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation ( SNCF ) has been working since 2010 in three verticals of social development viz. Heal, Enrich and Empower and has been involved in various National Level projects Pan India, like Swachh Rail Swach Bharat Abhiyan, Mega Tree Plantation drives, Cleanliness Drives, Medical and Health Check up camps etc. SNCF conducted these community welfare activities in association with the Central / Stage governments, Big corporate and media groups from time to time. In continuation to all these activities SNCF  carry out the development project in village Talasari, District Palghar ( Zone Nasik ) by adopting the village and to carry out various projects as per need of the native inhabitants which was envisioned by Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj. Talasari is not a new place of community development for Sant Nirankari Mission. With the visit of Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh ji Maharaj in the year 2008-09 various activities were carried out by the social welfare department of SNM and with the visit of Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev ji Maharaj in 2016-17, more development activities were planned under the banner of SNCF, resulting into exploring more development plans for Talasari.  In the meeting of Management Committee of 05.05.18 , SNCF Mumbai team presented the vision and the action plan for the Talasari Project in which SNCF Mumbai team did extensive research and visited the whole Palaghar District and various Talukas to identify the issues concerning social and economic development of he area, which primarily include lack of water management. Talasari is one of the Taluka in Palaghar district of Maharashtra having 9 Gram Panchyats ( GP ) with a combined population of approximately 30,000 tribal people split over 144 habitations with individual populations ranging from 600 – 2000 per hamlet. These villages are approximately 120 KMs from Mumbai. These habitations are all either close to the Sonai River, or by a stream that drains into the river. The total agricultural area in 9 GPs is approximately 103.76 sq/km . This belt falls under Konkan belt having heavy rainfall each year but all the water drains out in a Sonai river and the local farmers are not able to retain the rain water for irrigation. The project revolves around the water shed program where we need to build BUNDS ( Small dams ) on the Sonai River at various places to hold the water so that it can be used for irrigation purpose by the farmers. Water is the root cause of all the problems in this belt leading to other problems like migration, low income, low agriculture productivity etc. Once the water is retained, the other issues will be solved.

This project of water shed program lies in three phases :

  1. Retention of water : Through building Bunds / Dams on river Sonai
  2. Uplifting of water : To uplift the retained water to the hill top with pipe line and solar power
  3. Use of water for Irrigation : Once the water is uplifted then it will be used for irrigation purpose with gravity force and pipelines in the farms.

Therefore, it was decided to take the following actions to attain the objectives of this Long Term Project :

  1. To hold Medical Health Check up camps in the area as a run up to the main project
  2. Training of volunteers by DSF for proper survey of the area to build dams and facilitating water for irrigation and drinking.
  3. To provide support to the school going children, thereby discouraging drop out from the schools.
  4. To avoid migration of the villagers, creating opportunities and to provide guidance in avenues for income generation like horticulture, sericulture, floriculture etc in the surrounding areas.
  5. To facilitate communication of villagers with Govt. agencies to overcome the local concerns like planning all weather approach roads and bridges on rivers for easy commuting.
  6. Any other development work which comes along during the term of the project.

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