About us

About Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation

The Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF) goes beyond just charity. Our mission is to spread kindness and care throughout the world, building a better society for those in need. Founded in 2010 to implement the vision of Nirankari Baba Ji,“Life gets a meaning, if it is lived for others”, SNCF focuses on social and charitable work.

Our organisation is guided by the principle of Service with Humility. This mission statement shapes our work across three key areas: social responsibility, environmental initiatives, and healthcare programs.

We are committed to making a difference.

We empower underprivileged communities by offering them the resources and support they need to build a brighter future. On the environmental front, caring for nature goes hand-in-hand with caring for society, which is why environmental conservation is a cornerstone of our work. We also believe healthcare is a basic human right, and that’s why our organisation makes affordable medical services a priority.

Our reach extends to remote areas and underserved communities, ensuring everyone has access to the help they need.