Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation

Relief During Natural Disaster

As the frequency of natural disasters intensifies, our dedicated volunteers consistently provide vital support at the grassroots level. They actively participate in relief and rehabilitation operations, helping communities recover from the devastating impacts of these calamities. 

  • Uttarakhand Flood Relief Drive
  • Kerala Disaster Relief & Rehabilitation Drive
  • Odisha Cyclone Rehabilitation Drive
  • West Bengal Cyclone Rehabilitation Drive
  • Gujarat Earthquake Relief Drive

Support During Disasters

Life is uncertain; it has its own ways to challenge us with sudden events and mishaps like earthquakes, floods, famines and other catastrophes. Such moments require compassion more than anything else to comfort the affected citizens. Our sewadars (volunteers) have been at the fore-front of many such relief and rehabilitation activities.

  • Covid Pandemic Relief
  • Relief During Natural Calamities

Covid Relief

We Shall Overcome…

Covid-19 caught the world unawares and unprepared. In these absolutely unprecedented moments, the Mission provided support to the affected citizens in many ways. Thousands of our sewadars across India served selflessly and fearlessly to provide food, masks, sanitizers, ration kits, medicines, PPE kits, blood etc. to millions of people, despite all the challenges. Nirankari devotees from overseas branches contributed 775 oxygen concentrators, which were urgently required to save lives.


Oxygen Concentrators


Covid Vaccination Centres


Food Packets Distributed


Contribution to PM/CM Care Funds

Covid Care Centres

Together We Can…

A massive 1,000-bed Covid care facility was set up in Delhi, with the support of Delhi Govt., where thousands of patients were cured. The divine environment of this facility resulted in zero fatality rate, which was proudly re-iterated by the Govt. also. Many such Covid Care Centres were established across India.


Total Covid Care Centres


Total Beds


Total ICU Beds