Updates : SNCF Activities on Covid – 19

Little by Little, a little becomes A LOT…


Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation, in its 10th year of socio charitable activities provided to the community, has crossed all the boundaries of SEWA, a self less service to the humanity by extending out of way help and support to the people affected during pandemic of Covid-19, Pan India. SNCF volunteers in Ayodhya ( Branch : Raoudali ) Uttar Pradesh helped not only the local people but also provided FREE LANGAR to the migrant laborers who were travelling across state. SNCF provided free food, ready to serve eatables like bread, biscuits and drinking water for more than TWO MONTHS now on daily basis and is still continuing.  This selfless service of SNCF was highly recognized not only by the local administration but also the state government to very high extent. This can be seen by the extensive Press Cover in almost all the state news papers.  Apart from the free distribution of langar, SNCF also ran a big drive for sanitization of local transport and distribution of masks, gloves, sanitizers to the police staff, medical staff and the other corona warriors. The local administration including the Collector has appreciated SNCF a lot by visiting its distribution centre couple of times. The local police, hospital staff and other corona warriors also appreciated this effort.

Food Distribution Drive-SNCF   

Branch: Kekri (Ajmer)
Sant Nirakari Charitable Foundation #SNCF provided more than 12,000 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kits to the Govt. of Delhi, Haryana and Maharashtra.
News : Sant Nirakari Charitable Foundation provided more than 12,000 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kits to the doctors and other front-line workers for their  protection while on duty.
Heartfelt gratitude to the Covid Warriors, who are relentlessly fighting this battle for us and keeping us safe…

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation  #SNCF is  providing safety and essential medical items to the front-line workers who are working continuously to save precious lives.

Thousands of Hand Sanitizers, Masks and Hand Gloves have been distributed to the Delhi Police, CRPF, RAF, MCD Cleanliness Workers, Food Delivery Boys, along with some Hawkers, covering the area of North, South, East, West and Central Delhi in last few days. This drive will continue in the upcoming days also.

On 21st April, 2020 :

SNCF provided 3500 Hand Sanitizers  (50 ml), 3500 Masks (Reusable), 3500 Pairs of Hand Gloves with 10 ltr Hand Sanitizer Cans for refilling and 30 Hand Sanitizer Dispensers (for office use) to the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police Security (SG).

Updates about the activities of SNCF on COVID-19:

Updates are as follows:-

  1. Providing PPE Kits to Government of worth Rs.1Crore.
  2. Distribution of Raw food & essential items ( Ration Kits ) to the people in need.
  3. Relief to Migrant Workers by giving them Masks,  Water,  Biscuits and Packed Cooked Food.  While they were returning  to their homes.
  4. Distribution of Masks- Sanitizers, SNACKS,  TEA to Police/Cops/CRPF, Cleanliness and Sanitation Staff while on duty .
  5. Distribution of Masks to General Public (in markets) ,  Hospital Staff and other Essential Services providers. Thousands of masks made by our volunteers and sewadal at their branches.
  6. Donation of N95 Masks, Gloves ,  and Sanitizers  to Govt Hospitals in Nagpur.
  7. Awareness Drive for COVID-19 on our official SOCIAL MEDIA ( i.e Facebook,  Instagram, twitter) accounts.
  8. Helping Govt and other NGOs in distribution of the food kits.
  9. School Building used for distribution of cooked meals by the police (at Govindpuri, New Delhi).
  10. All our schools are ready for activity to give relief to humanity
  11. Blood Donation Camps on request received from the Govt Hospitals and Blood Banks (from Maharashtra,  Gujarat and Uttrakhand).
  12. Launched a Medical Helpline Service for medical help,  consultation regarding any doubts or queries, only related to COVID-19.

Medical Helpline Service for medical help :

In the wake of this health crisis of Covid-19, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation has started a Medical Helpline Service for medical help, consultation regarding any doubts or queries, only related to Covid – 19.

This assistance will be provided 24×7 telephonically by a team of qualified Doctors. Patients can also Message, Whatsapp or Video call. This service will continue by Doctors from Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF) and other hospitals over the country till needed.

May Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj bless us with strength and health to fight against this pandemic.

Message for SNCF Volunteers :

As a Responsible Citizen of our Country and a Volunteer of Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation We have to fulfill our duties and responsibilities towards our Nation.

We request all the SNCF Volunteers to kindly follow the Govt instructions #StayAtHome …Stay Safe and keep your family and nation safe too.

SNCF Activities on Covid – 19 in Adopted Villages

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Images from Pan India :

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